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By Amazon Customer on 23 Oct. 2015
This is a BIG book & well worth the money as it really is two books merged into one.

To begin with, the author goes to great lengths to paint a very clear picture of the main characters. For instance, there are many aspects to Ruby that most woman will recognise and surely every girl will have once had friends like Darcy & Becky in their wilder youth. Sheila’s ability to get the reader to understand and empathise with the various players in this modern storyline makes for extremely clever writing, even if we are being tricked into a world of false illusions.
Almost masquerading beneath the surface, the author drops subtle hints that there is something else going on in the background, and to begin with I didn’t have a clue were any of this was leading. I found this tantalising enough to hook me in and want to move on to the next chapter.

About mid-way through the book, and after a slowly brewing build-up of events – the book dramatically changes into what could easily have become a 2nd book/ sequel. Suddenly you are thrown into a world which more resembles the design of the front cover. Druid ceremonies, magical chants, hidden sub terrain caves, Celtic legends and secret passageways by the dozen, reminded me of Enid Blyton’s secret seven mysteries. It was a lovely journey back into the childhood mystery world of gothic houses with its hidden trapdoors and clandestine supernatural plots.

Then; just as you think you know where this is leading and start to understand the characters; they start to morph as they reveal their true selves. The complex story line with its many twists and turns, keeps you on your toes.

A great winter book. One to curl up with on a cold night, maybe sipping a warm glass of mulled wine whilst a storm rages outside. Bliss!

VIA LINKEDIN: FROM JANE- Associate Director of Urgent Care & Patient Flow at Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust

Sheila I am nearing the end of your amazing book and I want your Linked In contacts to know that I have loved every page.
Congratulations on great characterisation; beautiful writing; a complex but totally absorbing premise and for writing a book to get lost in. I am aware from the reviews that there is an open ending, which I am thrilled about as I didn't want The Lines Of Tamar to end.
It deserves critical acclaim. I have recommended it to everyone I've discussed it with. Good Luck.

This book could quite easily have been much hype about nothing
By Jayne Shufflebotham on 21 Oct. 2015 Amazon UK

With the PR wheels in motion for a considerable amount of time prior to the actual title release, this book could quite easily have been much hype about nothing. Expectations were high as the Da Vinci code would take some beating and this story was suggestive of a similar path.

A hefty transcript of almost 600 pages and with a small typeface to boot, I suspected that the normal dangers of taking away a holiday read and then raiding the hotel’s “ left books” library would not be needed. The initial 100 pages required detailed absorption whilst a good many characters were introduced but who would not appear until much later in the book to interweave with the compelling story line.

The author’s use of descriptive language was exceptional and incited an inquisitiveness to venture out to those sights and locations when the opportunity should arise ( as many have done with the Da Vinci code )

My earlier doubts about not needing to raid the spare hotel books were wrong. I spent too many days so absorbed in this tale of the twins that I barely noticed that the sun was setting and finished the book in just over a week. So rarely does a book capture my attention as this did.
A thoroughly enjoyable read which has cleverly been left open ended should the author decide to pick up the trail again. I for one will most certainly be adding this author to my watch list ! Highly recommended.

The Lines Of Tamar- a joyous read - ByJane Ansell on 23 November 2015Format: Verified Purchase

This is an absorbing book, beautifully crafted by a great story teller. It's hard to believe it's the authors first novel and I hope it wont be the last we hear of Sheila Mughal.
I was totally absorbed by the detail and the characterisation from the beginning and as the book progresses from an observation of modern day transatlantic high life, it transitions seamlessly into an intriguing tale, based in past generations, that are given credibility by well versed legend, historical fact and superstition.
A Joy ...
Eileen Rothwell Waterworth - NOV 2015

Well I finished the book took longer than expected due to other thi...ngs happening around me,which was frustrating as I didn't want to put it down. It not the type of book I would pick up to read but "Wow", what a read. It's,like the da vinca code, past. Present and how it's all linked to the twin sisters.
First I thought umm I not sure if I can understand were this,story is going but at the same time I didn't want to put it down.
There are many twisted turns as the characters grow as you read. Don't wish to give the story away but it's beautifully written, brilliant to read, would make a fantastic film and when is the next book....well done shelia magical.
Sharmillah Gardner:  
Loved this book so much, it is beautifully written with an exceptional plot.
I was totally absorbed –a very interesting read with a bit of everything! seamless transition between past and present generations, superstition and legend with unexpected twists and turns. I could relate to the characters in the modern day, which made them more real.
Brilliant read, can’t wait for the next one.

5.0 out of 5 stars - Lines of Tamar a great read - B ypeter granville selwyn on 9 December 2015 - Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase

I bought this for my wife. This is her review of the book.
I thought the book was extremely well written for a first book by the author. It has a good story line and it's the best read I have had this year.
One of those books you don't want to finish or put down. It kept me awake well into the night! I am looking forward to the sequel,
Sheila Mughal is a great storyteller.
Via FACEBOOK - and this from Sally.....
"A fascinating book from start to finish; I was not too sure at first if it was 'my' kind of book, but was drawn towards it's well written central characters of the twins. It left me really thinking about the possibilities of good and bad people who influence our lives. I found I was hooked to the finish…even kept me reading until 3 am so that I could finish it. Lovely atmospheric descriptions of places; would really like to go to the hotel in Wales
Yet more comments on Linked in - John Turner 
Retired University Principal Lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University

Well done Sheila. I am half way through your 'Lines of Tamar' and love your writing style. I am looking forward to the outcomes for the twins. I am really pleased for you that Jane too is thrilled with your work. I hope you get the acclaim that you deserve!
Sandra writes this on Amazon -
"Awesomely good book - By Sandra Geraghty on 10 Nov. 2015

Definitely one of the best books iv ever read - the way the past and the present flow together is wonderful.
Didnt want to ever finish this book just wanted to make it last as long as possible smile emoticon
Cant wait for Sheilas next book ill be first in the queue to buy it without a doubt" ...
This message from Journalist (Nicholette) from the magazine LANCASHIRE LIVING  to Elly my PR agent
“Well I have finished it, WOW is all I can say –  LIterally couldn’t put it down. Loved it.
Fits in nicely with all my research yet was fun to read! Pass on my congrats to the author"
The Lines of Tamar. Finished your book last night.
Congratulations on your achievement, as it's one of the best books I have read in a long time.
Your story telling skills kept me awake into the night, so when is the sequel out
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 Wow what a great read for a first book cannot wait to read ... 24 Oct. 2015
By Julie Pugh - 
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

Wow what a great read for a first book cannot wait to read the next book. It was one of those books you cannot put down Had a Dan Brown Da Vinci Code feel to it. Would be a great film too
Amazon UK - Brilliant book - By Sandra.w on 26 December 2015 - Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

I really enjoyed this book, brilliant story line, the best book I've read in quite a while. It certainly holds your attention, wondering what is coming next, didn't want to put it down. Well done to this new author, can't wait for the next one.
From Stewart Jameson -
Sorry i have taken so long to read your book. I have given it 5stars on amazon loved every word of it, nice of you to mention my home town Golborne.

Eileen Rothwell Waterworth
8 November at 20:41
Not forgot to reveiw..several things going on at min.... what I read so far is awsome...
AMAZON KINDLE - By JR on 30 Dec. 2015 Verified Purchase

"A real page turner and the story builds with twists and turns along the way. Fascinating and unexpected events pepper this big book and it draws you in. Looking forward to the next one!"
 5.0 out of 5 stars The Lines of Tamar - By Amazon Customer on 11 February 2016 Paperback
"A tale of adopted twin girls. Set in the present day but their destinies determined centuries ago. Not knowing their birth parents it wasn't until middle age that one of the girls sets out to find their origins. Hard to believe that this is a first book for the author- it is so well written."
5.0 out of 5 stars The Lines of Tamar - By Barbara Robinson on 30 Jan. 2016 Verified Purchase
A cracking good read with twists and turns. I couldn't have guessed any of the outcomes so it kept me wanting to know more.
By Amazon Customer on 26 January 2016 -Verified Purchase

Great debut! - The story is a slow burner. Intricately woven, the plot, with a few twists and turns along the way to keep you guessing, is well written. Others have already said this could be a good story for a film. I agree, but remember, the book is always better.
By Suz Seaon 19 January 2016 - Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

Loved this book. Can't wait for follow up.
I gave you 5 star when I finished reading on my kindle. Couldn't put it down, loved it and especially areas I know, even the parts of Wales were familiar to me because I lived there for 12 years! Love Dam House and have visited often. Go through Daisy Hill every Monday and Friday and live not far from Golborne! Made the whole story feel like 'mine' because I know where you are talking about. Very well written, and yes, when is the film coming out :0)) Can't wait for the next one x
A great read! - By Amazon Customer on 7 Jan. 2016 - Verified Purchase 
"I thought this was a great book and very gripping - once I started I couldn't put it down! It keeps you entertained and a very easy read. I also got the vibe that it would make a great film, plenty of twists and turns which keep you guessing until the very end! "
You can A Great and Pleasurable Read By John Turner on 6 Jan. 2016
Format: Paperback Verified Purchase 

The Lines of Tamar is very well written in a modern and appealing style. I read one Chapter each day and was intrigued by the plot, so that I looked forward to the progression of the story every single day. To me this is the mark of a great read as I am easily bored. The twists and turns of this unusual tale never failed to make me smile. I would love to read a sequel if this is in the pipeline. I bought several copies as gifts for family and friends in the UK and the USA. I expect them to enjoy the read and be as enthusiastic as I am.
The book should be turned into a film because in addition to the great story line, the locations of Cambridge, Florida, Wales and Isle of Man would lend a spectacular visual backdrop. I can imagine the spirit world being depicted with modern computer technology. Where are you script writers and film directors to take this a step further? - Dr John Turner

Book Spotlight: The Lines of Tamar 16th June 2016 From Dori at "From a Yellow House"​​

I was recently given the opportunity to read The Lines of Tamar by Sheila Mughal. It's a mystical thriller set in modern times, which follows the story of twins Ruby and Eenayah, who were adopted as babies. During their search to find out more about their origin, they uncover a link with an ancient prophecy and connections with ancestors from biblical times.

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel because of the intriguing story that just kept going and going. The story unfolded in a deliberate manner, which bit by bit revealed the lives of the twins. However, the story continued to gain steam at a great pace as more was revealed. I enjoyed the way that the author let readers get to know these two women, because it helped me as a reader to invest in the welfare of the characters more. I was along for the ride with them. This was an excellent read!

Below I'd like to share an article by the author Sheila Mughal in which she shares how and why she wrote the book. Enjoy!

Smashwords -
Review by M .Pars on April 13, 2017 :
 In a word - wow! This is truly a story of epic proportions, filled with twists and turns that connect in the most wonderful way. Well done

Amazon Review - Lines of Tamar
Published 25th April 2017 on Amazon by Annette B -
Excellent book,5 out of 5 stars -Exceptional book kept me spell bound from beginning to the end, It really was a book I could recommend to any person

Amazon review 5 out of 5 stars - Your in for a great read with this book
By gillian eckersley on 14 May 2017
Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase
Your in for a great read with this book .I didn't what it to end .Once you start it you just can't stop reading it

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