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County Meath Ireland
Jeremiah Tomb is proposed to be at “Cairn T” in Loughcrew, County Meath, Ireland, referred to as the Tomb of Ollamh Fodhla, (the Prophets title in Ireland). After Jeremiah’s death, the title would later be passed to king Eochaidh, Teia’s husband, who studied under Jeremiah. Sometimes, this tomb is referred to as Eochaidh’s, but several discrepancies exist on his actual burial site. The hieroglyphic stones in the tomb indicate its Jeremiah’s tomb, especially because the hieroglyphics explain his journey to Ireland.
Snowdonia North Wales
Many visitors are drawn to Snowdonia for its evocative image as a misty, magical country steeped in history, tradition and folklore. Bards, druids, mythical beings and a strong connection with King Arthur go hand-in-hand with the mysterious, mountainous landscape and ancient, musical-sounding language. Adding to the romance, magic and the mythology, are the secret rituals of the Druids, who would gather in sacred groves, deep underground caves, and remote hidden valleys
Isle of Man
Fiercely proud of its diverse culture and fascinating heritage this sea-bound kingdom has a captivating story to tell – one which stretches back for thousands of years.
Legend has it that the Island’s name comes from the Celtic sea god Manannan Mac Lir who protected the land from invaders by shrouding it in a cloak of mist.
It is these folklore stories, and the history that follows, which are carefully safeguarded by the Manx people to ensure the Island doesn’t lose any of its unique charm of character